Etekcity 4K X 2K 4 Port High-Speed HDMI Switch Review

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Nov 21

When making your own home entertainment system, you have to consider the number of devices you need to plug into your display, and choose an HDMI switch that will play them without any lags.

However, what do you do if you want to play a variety of channels on one screen and you want it to be in sharp colors? If you want to experience all of that, the Etekcity 4k x2k Port High-Speed HDMI Switch should be the HDMI switch you pick.

HDMI Switch Features

When buying an HDMI switch, you should look for a switch that can play your favorite HDMI devices in clarity and help you modify your entertainment system the way you like it.

The Etekcity’s HDMI switch meets those criteria. It is simple to set up, enable easy integration and give you the convenience you need to handle all your HDMI devices. Here are the great features of the Etekcity 4K X 2K 4 Port High-Speed HDMI Switch that you need to learn about.

  • It has 4 input ports that will allow you to connect 4 HDMI compatible devices to your HDTV or other types of display with ease.
  • It plays in 4k Resolution, deep colors, and is compatible with 3D features.
  • It comes with a picture-in-picture feature that allows users to play 4 screens at once and switch between the HDMI devices installed in the switcher.
  • It also comes with a remote control that will allow you to switch HDMI devices without having to get up from the couch.
  • It is compatible with HDTVs, Blu-ray players, Xbox, PS3/PS4, Apple TV, Roku and other HDMI devices.
  • It is also HDCP 1.4 protocol compliant.
  • It also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


Although the brand name is new to the ears, the Etekcity has placed quite a lot of good features in their HDMI Switch that will be very useful for one’s home entertainment system. However, does it really work? To find out, here are some comments from current and previous users of Etekcity’s HDMI switch so you can learn whether or not it will work for your setup.


Some users expressed disappointment to some of the features of the Etekcity’s HDMI switch and said that it failed to meet their needs. Compatibility issues are a major problem for the users of this HDMI switch because it did not play 4K resolution videos despite the switch being advertised as compatible with this resolution. If it did play, the display would have dropouts randomly every minute or so.

One user complained that the PIP feature was not working and did not refresh immediately, causing the video to be delayed and sometimes unwatchable. Some users have also said that this switch is not durable as it would stop working after a few months and one even said that the ports failed one by one.

The remote is also a sticking point to some users because they said that the control protocol caused problems with the user’s sound bar. Video and sound quality was also very bad as the colors looked washed out and it did not sound very good.


Satisfied users, on the other hand, said that the Etekcity HDMI switch actually works well and does play their favorite videos and shows with good color and sound. The design of the HDMI switch is very good for some users and the LED lights tell the user which slots are active.

Some users also remarked that they love the fact the HDMI input ports are in the back because they do not affect the visual aesthetic of their home theater connection. It is also very small and compact, blending evenly with the machines installed with it.

Users also love the fact it is self-powered and will play even if it is not plugged in. It is also compatible with all HDMI devices and the switches can be done seamlessly with the remote included.

The PIP feature was also commended by some users as they said that they were able to watch several shows on one screen and there were no delays. Users also said that they would recommend this HDMI switch as it is also very ease to setup and it will work anytime you use it.

Bottom Line

An HDMI switch is meant to reduce your stress when it comes to playing your numerous HDMI devices and will give you perfect picture and sound quality for movies and shows.

Etekcity has worked tirelessly to design the most convenient and powerful HDMI switch for the public and their HDMI switch offering will give you results each time you switch between your HDMI devices so you can play your favorite shows with ease.

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