It’s Not That Complicated: How Does An HDMI Matrix Switch Work?

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Nov 21

In today’s information age, developments in technology have made our lives simpler, more convenient, and more beautiful. When it comes to home entertainment, we can now watch or play video games in high definition.

We can even view multiple high definition videos on different TV screens, computer monitors, and other viewing devices in our homes. It may look simple but how does it work? It is made possible by an HDMI matrix switch. How does an HDMI matrix switch work? Let us find out…

Understanding how does an HDMI matrix switch work

HDMI, short for high definition multimedia interface, was first developed in 2002 by different founders including Philips, Silicon Image, Sony, Panasonic, and Hitachi. It is used for transferring compressed or uncompressed digital audio data and uncompressed video data from a source device such as display controller and anything that is HDMI compliant to a compatible digital TV, digital audio device, video projector, or computer monitor.

In a standard digital TV, there are one or two HDMI ports. That is not enough if you have more devices that need to be connected in your TV simultaneously. Thankfully, manufacturers have developed an HDMI switch. An HDMI switch lets you connect multiple HDMI sources to a high definitional display. HDMI switches are categorized according to special applications.

One of the HDMI switch categories is the HDMI matrix switch. How does an HDMI matrix switch work?

HDMI matrix switch

HDMI matrix is also called multi input multi output HDMI switch. It allows more displays to switch and distribute multiple sources. With HDMI matrix switch, any combination of inputs can be switched to the display. A standard HDMI matrix switch has 4 x 4 ports; it allows 4 HDMI sources to be switched to any 4 high definition TVs, for example.

HDMI matrix switch combinations

There are four switch combinations in a HDMI matrix switch.

  • 4 x2 Matrix – It has 4 input sources and 2 output displays which result in 16 switching combinations.
  • 4 x 4 matrix – It has 4 input sources and 4 output displays which result in 256 switching combinations.
  • 4 x 8 Matrix – It has 4 input sources and 8 output displays which provides 356 switching combinations.
  • 8 x 8 Matrix – It has 8 input sources and 8 output displays which gives an awesome number of switching combinations (16, 777, 216).

Features of HDMI matrix switch

Many people use HDMI matrix switch because of its features and advantages.

  • Includes a remote control. A remote control makes selecting the desired channel quicker and more convenient.
  • It is expandable. An HDMI matrix switch has enough input ports to connect different devices. It allows for future expansions to support all HDMI compatible video devices.
  • It uses external power. Unlike the other categories of HDMI switches that get power directly from the HDMI cable, the HDMI matrix switch is independently powered from a dedicated power source.

Other categories of HDMI switches

To give you an idea how an HDMI matrix switch differs from the other kinds of HDMI switches, here are the other HDMI switches categories:

HDMI switch multi input/single input

This HDMI switch with one input allows multiple HDMI sources, such as set top boxes and blu-ray players, to be switched and shared on a single high definition display. For instance, your HD display (a high definition TV perhaps) can switch and share data from 5 HDMI sources.

HDMI distribution amp

An HDMI distribution amp allows the display of one video stream to multiple high definition displays. All of the connected high definition displays mirrors or views only one video source. It can be cascaded to support more displays.

HDMI switch with optical audio port

An HDMI switch with optical audio port comes with audio capabilities including the conversion of an audio to an optical or digital output. It completes the component system because it not only provides ports for the display devices, it also has an optical audio port for surround sound audio systems.

An HDMI matrix switch is one of the best and most convenient HDMI switches. It may be a little expensive but it is worth it because of its multiple device support.

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