Kinivo 501BN Premium 5 Port High Speed HDMI Switch Review

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Nov 21

When setting up a new home theater or gaming center in your home, you will need a HDMI switch that can support all your devices and deliver crisp HD videos to your display.  However, what if you need 3D graphics? Which HDMI switch should you get?

The best solution to these questions is getting a Kinivo 501BN Premium 5 port High Speed HDMI Switch!

HDMI Switch Features

If you have 5 video sources with HDMI-compatibility, you need an HDMI switch that will work seamlessly with these devices and help you watch your shows and movies in clear quality. The Kinivo 501BN HDMI switch promises to deliver results and give you fewer headaches if you want to watch your movies without having to unplug and plug each device so often.

Here are the features of the Kinivo 501BN Premium 5 Port High Speed HDMI Switch that you should check out:

  • It comes with an easy plug-and-play operation that ensures that once you plug an HDMI input into the connections, the switch will automatically recognize the input source and switch to it immediately.
  • If you have many active inputs plugged into the switch, users can easily switch inputs through the infrared remote control included with the device or the select button in the device.
  • It supports 3D, HDCP 1.2 compliant and deep color up to 36-0bit.
  • It also guarantees to offer resolutions of 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p.
  • It works on all HDTVs in the market, Blu-ray players, Xbox 360, PS3, Apple TV and other HDMI devices.
  • Every set comes with an AC power adapter and a user manual.


For an HDMI switch to have all the features that cover even the high-tech gaming consoles and television boxes, the Kinivo 501BN is the perfect choice. However, what do other users think? Check the reviews below from past and current users of Kinivo 501BN and see how well it matched up to their needs.


Several users cited several problems when it comes to using this HDMI switch for their devices and explained why each one is a problem.

Users reported that the automatic switching feature of this device cannot be turned off, which is very annoying because each time a new device is plugged in, it will automatically switch to that new source even if you are currently watching from your preferred device.

It is also a notable complaint by users that once the input is automatically switched, there won’t be any audio played unless it is manually selected from the options.

Users also reported that some of the inputs tend to malfunction to the point only a select few HDMI devices will be read.

Users also said that it does not read all HDMI devices and does not deliver the same resolutions as promised. Users also said that it malfunctioned almost immediately when they tried it as it started showing signal failures and connection problems. If the switch malfunctions, users said that resetting the device to work again takes ages.


On the other hand, many users said that this is an HDMI switch that people should consider for their homes and pointed out which features impressed them.

Satisfied users said that it is very easy to use because setup only takes about five minutes without having to go through a complex setup process. It is also very sleek and works well with different devices.

Resolution wise, users said that this switch is indeed compatible with all resolutions and one was even happy that they managed to get a cheap HDMI switch that works well with 3D.

Video quality is also top notch because users said that they were able to see the same video quality they expect with the played devices. Sound quality is also retained with the use of this HDMI device.

Although it does not say it in the brochure, some users said that it worked well with Roku and PS4 so well. Some users have also remarked that another great thing with this switcher is its configuration for a “Default” port, which will start up back on your primary port in case of power failure.

Users also love the remote included in this switch because it responds quickly. Users are also very happy with the fact that this HDMI switch is very cheap

Bottom Line

In order to get the best out of your game and home theater system, you have to make sure you can play everything in one television display and not experience trouble switching plugs ever so often to maximize your viewing. With the Kinivo 501BN, you can switch from various inputs in all resolutions, and even see 3D movies with a touch of a button or through the remote.

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