Tech Term In Simple Explanation: What is HDMI Video Switching?

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Nov 21

Technology has paved the way for new and more modern devices that make life better and more beautiful. When it comes to watching videos or showing presentations, we have moved from analog to digital.

One of the new video plug in tools is the HDMI. HDMI or high definition multimedia interface is a patented video/audio interface used to transmit uncompressed video data and compressed or uncompressed digital audio data from a HDMI compatible source device. There are more technical terms related to HDMI. This article explains in simple words what HDMI video switching is.

What is HDMI video switching?

The phrase HDMI video switching may sound very technical and complicated. But it can actually be understood by anyone when explained in simple and straightforward terms. It can simply refer to a receiver with HDMI switching that can choose one signal from any HDMI inputs going into it to direct through it HDMI output.

More detail on what HDMI video switching is

HDMI is intended to handle huge amounts of digital data. In fact, it can hold the highest resolution video quality and up to 8 discrete full range audio channels. Unlike older cables for analog signals, it can run audio and video in just a single cable. This convenience and advancement is the reason why many people prefer HDMI for many high definition TVs.

Blu-ray disc players, satellite boxes, high definition cables, and other high definition video sources also transmit audio and video through a single HDMI cable. This HDMI switching enables you to plug all these devices into a compatible receiver which has a built in HDMI switcher that internally alters the connection. All you have to do is select the proper source.

Think of the things you would have to do without HDMI switching. You would need to plug each one of the HD video sources directly into the TV. The TV has only one HDMI cable. So if you want to connect a DVD, you would plug the DVD player’s HDMI cable into the TV or if you want to watch TV via satellite, you would need to unplug the DVD cable and plug in the HDMI cable of the satellite box.

What is HDMI repeater?

HDMI video switching is ideal to accommodate more than one video source. But remember, it does not process the HDMI audio, instead, the audio only passes through it. The HDMI repeater, another technical term, processes the audio to make it multi-channel which can be played through a home theatre system. The HDMI repeater processes the audio part of the signal that comes in and then directs (repeats) the video part to the HDMI output to the TV.

HDMI video switchers

There are hundreds of HDMI video switchers that are available on the market today. They vary by manufacturer, brand, model, and price. Here are some high rated HDMI video switches:

Walkas 4K high speed HDMI switcher

It is composed with the most current HDMI standards including four HDMI inputs to one HDMI output, compatible to more devices for gaming, television, movies, and more and features a 3 Gbps bandwidth.

It features PIP or picture in picture which means that it contains 1 main picture which will be the full screen and 3 sub pictures which will be the small picture on the left side of screen. It can support up to 4k x 2k @ 30 Hz display resolution.

Levin 4k x 2k high speed selector switcher

This HDMI switcher can accommodate up to 4 HMDI inputs and 1 output simultaneously. This means that it can connect up to 4 compatible devices including blu-ray players, Xbox, HDTVs, and others.

It also features PIP and has a high resolution up to 4K @ 30Hz. It makes video switching and viewing convenient because it comes with an IR wireless remote so you won’t have to leave your seat to switch your videos.

Mifine HDMI switch box

Like the Walkas HMDI switcher and Levin high speed selector switcher, Mifine HDMI switch box also accommodates up to 4 devices and provides seamless transitions between movies, television, gaming, and more.

It functions with PIP which enables the display of four different videos in one high definition display device. It comes with an 18 month warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. It is a bit pricey but most devices are compatible with it making it a cost effective HDMI switcher.

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