What is an HDMI switch?

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Nov 21

Nowadays, people have a variety of entertainment systems to choose from for watching their favorite shows, playing games or just relaxing. However, connecting all of these entertainment systems’ cables to one television can be difficult, especially if there is only one HDMI plug available in the television.

In order to solve this problem, there are devices that are available to solve this problem and one of them is the HDMI switch.

An HDMI switch is a small device that allows a user to select the television’s video source which is connected to the device through its respective HDMI outputs. For example, the cable box, the DVD player and a gaming console may have their respective HDMI outputs despite the fact the television only has one HDMI output. An HDMI switch will be able to accommodate the three individual video outputs and connect it to the television.

There are actually many types of HDMI switches in the market today, catering to the usual number of video outputs used in homes today. The most popular types of HDMI switches enable users to switch between three or five video sources.

There are also HDMI switches available with Toslink capabilities for stereo surround systems that still do not have an HDMI input. This type of HDMI switch allows your stereo to integrate itself with the HDMI video source seamlessly.

If users want to separate the signals for two different video displays, for example, a computer monitor and television or wish to display HD pictures from two different sources, getting a 4×2 HDMI cross switch would permit this function.

As entertainment systems like consoles, computers, DVD players and other similar items continue to evolve with television, having an HDMI switch allows users to enjoy high-definition video and sound without having to spend so much time changing the cables in your television to connect to a specific source.

Using an HDMI switch will also save you a lot of money since you do not need to keep buying new equipment with HDMI capacity. Getting an HDMI switch will also give you the best signal coverage and allow you to multitask what you can do with your television screen or display.

Of course, like any other item, there are still some problems that may occur when using HDMI switches. First and foremost, it might not work seamlessly with other devices, especially when you use it with always-on devices like digital video recorders. Since it does not turn off at all, there’s a possibility that the HDMI switch will not immediately recognize it.

There are also HDMI switches that will prioritize the signal it transmits to your display depending on which port number you placed the source.

The quality of the videos and sounds also vary if you use an HDMI switch. For example, if you try to play a Blu-ray movie while using an HDMI switch, you won’t be able to enjoy the high-definition features it has since it will be using the television’s current settings. Experts did point out that using devices on a single HDMI switch that has similar color profiles and settings will prevent this from happening.

An HDMI splitter is good alternative to HDMI switches if you only want to connect a few devices as it can also offer users to switch between HDMI sources. Ordinarily, HDMI splitters are perfect for television or displays with only one HDMI port. HDMI splitters allow the signal to go both ways, allowing you to use one video source and view it on two different screens at the same time.

You can also transform the HDMI port of your display screen to various ports like when connecting a gaming console to the receiver. When you do this, you only need to open one of the devices for it to work.

If you want to switch to another HDMI source, you have to turn off the first HDMI source you used because the signal cannot push through. Using this connection will also prevent you from playing the video in two different resolutions.

If you want to connect a variety of devices to one television without having to turn off a device to switch to another one, an HDMI switch is the thing you need.

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